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James Tiberius Kirk ( William Shatner )James Tiberius Kirk ( William Shatner ) was born in 2233 in Iowa on Earth.  At age 13 Kirk was one of nine surviving eyewitnesses to the massacre of 4,000 colonists on planet Tarsus IV by Kodos the executioner.  George Samuel Kirk, Jame's older brother, and Aurelan Kirk, his sister-in-law, died on Deneva due to an invasion of Denevan Neural Parasites, his nephew, Peter Kirk, survived.  Sam Kirk had two other sons who were not on Deneva at this time.

During his academy days Kirk was tormented by an upper classman named Finnegan who played practical jokes on him.   Kirk served as an instructor at the academy, and one of his best students was Gary Mitchell who was later to serve and die under his command.  Once Mitchell, a close friend, took a poisonous dart on Dimorus meant for Kirk, saving Kirk's life.   Mitchell also set Kirk up with a little blond lab technician who Kirk almost married.  Another of Kirk's friends from his academy days was Ben Finney who named his daughter Jamie after Kirk.  A rift developed between them when Kirk reported Finney for a mistake he had made while they served together on the U.S.S. Republic.   Finney blamed Kirk for his failure to earn a starship command of his own.    Kirk served aboard the Republic while still at the academy.   Kirk earned a reputation since he was the only cadet ever to have won the no-win scenario of the Kobayashi Maru.   He did it by secretly reprogramming the simulation computer to make it possible to win, earning him a commendation for original thinking.

Kirk's first assignment after graduating from the academy was aboard the U.S.S. Farragut.  One of his first missions as a young lieutenant was to command a survey mission to Tyree's planet in 2254.  Lt. Kirk blamed  himself for the deaths of 200 Farragut crewmen when it was attacked by a gaseous creature that consumed red blood cells, the dikironium cloud creature at Tycho IV.  Kirk also almost died from Vegan Choriomeningitis.

Kirk's reputation has primarily been earned aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.   He commanded the vessel during its epic five year mission from 2264 to 2269 which made him a legend in space exploration.  Kirk became the first captain ever to stand trial when he was brought up on charges of negligently causing the death of his old friend Ben Finney.   He was cleared when it became clear that Finney was alive and had conspired to frame the captain by reprogramming the Enterprises computers.     Kirk was known to violate orders when he felt compelled to.    His outstanding sense of strategy and the crew who supported him helped him save planets and Earth numerous times.

Kirk's later career has revolved around the creation and use of the Genesis Device.  This device could easily be used as a weapon.   After Khan got a hold of the device he used it in an attempt to destroy Kirk.  Due to his first officer's sacrifice the Enterprise was saved.   The device did create a new world and somehow regenerated Spock.   Kirk returned, against orders, to the Genesis planet to retrieve his friends.   During this adventure he ran afoul of the Klingons.   The Klingons have had a price on Kirk's head for some time.   Kirk's son, David, died at the hands of the Klingons on the Genesis Planet.    Returning Spock to Vulcan Kirk and his crew returned to Earth just in time to save it from a strange alien probe.   For this he was demoted and returned to the command of the Enterprise.  

Soon after the Enterprise was commandeered and used to reach the center of the galaxy.  Again Kirk kept the being there from being released and doing the galaxy great harm.  Kirk's greatest moments came, possibly, on his last mission as captain of the Enterprise.   While escorting a Klingon delegation his ship, supposedly, fired upon the Klingon vessel.  Putting diplomacy in front of his own personal feelings he surrendered to the Klingons.  He and Dr. McCoy were blamed for the death of Chancellor Gorkon and were sentenced to life at the penal mines.   His subsequent escape and the pivotal role he played saving the peace conference at Khitomer cleared his name.

Kirk was supposedly lost in a freak accident involving a space thread called the Nexus, but he showed up to help Capt. Jean Luc Picard foil the plans of a madman who had plans to re-enter the thread at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

Awards and Decorations: Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission, Grankite Order of Tactics, Preantares Ribbon of Commendation first and second class, Medal of Honor, Silver Palm with Cluster, Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, and the Kragite Order of Heroism.

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James Tiberius Kirk ( William Shatner )