Babylon 5

DelennAlthough Ambassador Delenn seems to be righteous and aloof, she is also a bit of a rebel. She was once a member of the Minbari ruling body (the Grey Counsel), and underwent a physical transformation that gave her human characteristics (like hair). Most Minbari think humans are scumbags, and she has not only fallen in love with a human, but THE human, non other than chief scumbag, the one who 'dishonourably' clobbered their best warship in the Earth-Minbari war. Delenn certainly has guts!

If you were in the pub with Delenn she would probably be the one talking about either politics or religion, you wouldn't be comfortable telling her a rude joke.

She is far to level headed for my liking. She believes strongly in 'fate' which is a cop-out in my book. You can do anything and blame it on fate. She is the co-commander (with Sheridan) of the Army of Light - and bloody good at it.

It's ironic that it was Delenn who actually started the Earth Minbari war. Yes I know it was Earth ships that opened fire first but it was Delenn, grief stricken at the loss of her mentor Dukat, that issued the order to wipe out the Earth ships. It was that action that started the war.

What the hell do you expect, if your were approaching a group of Minbari ships and they 'opened their gun turrets' what would you think? I'll bet it wouldn't be 'ahh isn't that nice, they respect us'. I know the Minbari are a bit naive, but nobody can be that stupid. Imagine walking down the street and a bloke catches your eye, walks over to you, and promptly pulls out a gun. Would you take that as a mark of respect?

In series four, she also got into hot water over her love affair with Sheridan.  Apparently the Minbari do not want their blood line polluted by aliens.  She had to undergo a 'dreaming' session with her buddy Lennier.  She found that the bloodline was already polluted by none other than Valen who was sort of human (ex-Babylon 5 captain - Sinclair) and, it seems, bonking mad!   And so, when she confronted her family and some concerned Minbari hangers-on, they agreed to let her continue the affair with Sheridan provided she did not tell anyone about Valen.

She is now seen as the Head of the Minbari Religious Caste.  She was the one who halted a recent civil war between the Religious Caste and the Warrior Caste, and made changes to the political situation on Minbar by re-instigating the Grey Council, this time with the Worker Caste having most members (5).  This would, she felt, stop any future occurrence of civil conflict.  In that episode, Moments of Transition, she demonstrated that she would lay down her life for her people when the leader of the Warrior Caste clearly, would not.

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